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So... I'm not quite sure what I'm meant to do with this. Welcome to the journal anyway. But hark! An idea!

I've just finished an amazing book called 'The Night Circus', by Erin Morgenstern. Of course the entirety of the thing is one big epic sandwich with awesome sauce (is that what this journal is for? Advertising? Anyway.), but one of the bits that I really remember is quite short and doesn't have anything revealing about the plot (or anything about the plot at all, really) in it. Perhaps you would like to read?


~The Lovers~

Standing on a platform in the midst of the crowd, high enough that they can be viewed clearly from all angles, are two figures, still as statues.

The woman wears a dress something akin to a bridal gown constructed for a ballerina, white and frothy and laced with black ribbons that flutter in the night air. Her legs are encased in striped stockings, her feet in tall black button-up boots. Her dark hair is piled in waves upon her head, adorned with sprays of white feathers.

Her companion is a handsome man, somewhat taller than she, in an impeccably tailored black pinstriped suit. His shirt is a crisp white, his tie black and pristinely knotted. A black bowler sits upon his head.

They stand entwined but not touching, their heads tilted toward each other. Lips frozen in the moment before (or after) the kiss.

Though you watch them for some time they do not move. No stirring of fingertips or eyelashes. No indication that they are even breathing.

"They cannot be real," someone neaby remarks.

Many patrons only glance at them before moving on, but the longer you watch, the more you detect the subtlest of motions. The change in the curve of a hand as it hovers near an arm. The shifting angle of a perfectly balanced leg. Each of them always gravitating toward the other.

Yet still they do not touch.


I could probably go really in-depth about why I like it and the symbology of it and dissect the syntax and everything but I get the feeling that that would get boring for everyone quite quickly.

The lovers are living statues in the Le Cirque des Reves, the principal setting of 'The Night Circus'. They barely feature in the plot, but they're one of my favourite things about the circus. There are quite a few of them, but only a handful are given names the way that the lovers have been. Living statues stand on platforms around the circus, outside the tents, and move so slowly that they appear to be motionless. As with everything else in the circus, the living statues are clothed in black and white and mystery.

This section is from one of the intermission pages of 'The Night Circus', where the author takes you around parts of the circus in second-person (the rest of the book is in third). They have not plot developement and are meant, I think, only to keep the reader on their toes as they read. It's quite pleasant, actually. I kind of wish more books did it.

I don't own 'The Night Circus'.

I'm not sure if I really needed a disclaimer there.

I really hope I'm doing this right.

Someone please tell me what, exactly, is going on here.

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